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April 2016
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On the Ministry of Teaching

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber

When reading the Bible, we need to always think about who the author was and what he experienced. What made him write what he wrote? The authors of the Bible wrote out of their life experiences. They did not teach mere theory. They experienced God. Truth was revealed and taught through their lives, not just on paper in their writings.

This means it’s very costly to be a teacher. You have to experience life very deeply; otherwise, you won’t find God in a deep way. Effective teaching is not simply the result of having a teaching gift. It comes from having a deep life in God.

This is why it’s hard for many people to teach: they don’t engage God and life very deeply. So when they try to teach the Word, they’re just talking theory. If you’re to teach well, you must first find God for yourself in His Word and in your life. Then, out of that you can teach others. Only then will your teaching be life.

So don’t look for teachings. Look for God, for life, for truth, for His reality. Then you will have plenty of teachings for others whenever you need them. And then your writing and teaching will transform lives ‒ it will never be mere theory! If it has first changed your life, it will have very deep life-changing power in it. Only then it will change your readers and hearers.

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